About Create Airbnb

Every day our community opens thousands of doors. We believe that homes are meant for sharing - and our symbol too.

Our Symbol

Airbnb started in 2008, with a logo created in two hours and a big idea: to invite the world home. Today, millions of Airbnb guests worldwide have traded standard lodging for memorable stays in distinctive homes—including tree houses, castles and yurts. Generic is not our style.

Together we created a movement, and it's time our symbol reflects our shared identity. But the Airbnb experience is too diverse and distinctive to be represented by a traditional logo or a one-size-fits-all shape.

So we’re handing over the keys. We’re giving creative control to the travelers and hosts who create Airbnb every day.


Sketch it. Paint it. Put a penguin on it. Make a symbol that reflects your Airbnb experience, and add it to your Airbnb profile. Make one for every trip or favorite place. Make one to mark your spare bedroom and another for the guest loft. Create a unique symbol for a community event.

Behind each symbol is a story only you can tell—about your home, your guests, and your adventures. Share your story with our community, and make new connections worldwide.

Once you make your symbol, you can bring it home—on mugs, thank you cards, souvenir stickers. You create Airbnb, and now it’s yours to share.

Belong Anywhere

On any given night, hundreds of thousands of people are staying in Airbnb homes around the world. But you can’t see what we have built from outer space, like the Great Wall of China. Our greatest achievements aren’t monumental.

They’re the small, meaningful connections that happen between us every day, around the world with Airbnb. Exchanging keys. Passing the salt. Toasts in every language. Handshakes hello, and hugs goodbye. Thoughtful gestures that tell us we’re in the right place, in good hands.

With Airbnb, you can be at home wherever you go, from Alaska to Zanzibar. We believe in a world where you Belong Anywhere.