Create Airbnb Help

  • How do I create my symbol?

    Get started by typing your name and location, then click Customize your symbol.
    Next, play around with styles, effects, and colors:

    • Styles
      Select a style at the bottom of the page to see how they change your symbol’s look and feel. For a hand-drawn effect, try Pencil or Brush. Or if you’re going for something a little more dazzling, try Polygons or Line Stripes. There’s even a style called Stamp that lets you choose from hundreds of images to add to your symbol.

    • Effects
      Each style has settings and effects you can use to adjust the density, smoothness, or randomness of your symbol. Just click and drag the nobs and watch the style change.

    • Colors
      Click and choose your favorite colors. Select a foreground color that represents your personality, then pick out a background color to make your symbol pop.

    When you’re happy with the way your symbol looks, go ahead and click Save Symbol in the upper-right corner. You’ll need to log in to your Airbnb account for your symbol to save successfully.

  • Where will my symbol appear?

    Once you save your symbol you have the option to include it on your Airbnb profile page. Click on Options below your symbol in the My Symbols page and select Add to profile. You may create a new symbol and replace your profile symbol anytime.

  • What happens to my symbol when I click Post to Community?

    Once you click Post to Community, your symbol will appear on the Community section feed. Your post will include your symbol, story, and any photo you upload with it.

    You can also share your symbol and story at any time on your favorite social network.

  • Can I create more than one symbol?

    Absolutely! Create as many symbols as you like, but keep in mind that you can only add one symbol at a time to your Airbnb profile.

    To change the symbol that appears on your profile, visit
    My Symbols, find the symbol you’d like to update your profile with, and select Add to Profile. You can remove a symbol directly from your Airbnb profile.

  • What can I do with my symbol?

    Once you create your symbol, you can:

    Add Community stories
    Share an anecdote about a recent trip you took on Airbnb, a memorable guest you hosted, or the impact you’ve seen Airbnb have with your friends and local community. You can even upload a photo to go with it.

    Order custom merchandise
    Greet your guests with mugs, blankets, and other decor with your personalized symbol on it, or get yourself some stickers or a t-shirt before you set off on your next adventure!

    To shop for merchandise to customize, visit the Merchandise Store by clicking > Merchandise Store.

    Show your unique symbol to friends and followers on all your favorite social networks.

  • I need help ordering merchandise with my symbol on it. What should I do?

    For questions about payments, orders, shipments, and returns, please contact Zazzle at or refer to the Zazzle online help center. The merchandise store is not run by Airbnb.